Fall Ball is Over

We have finished the Fall Ball season. Caeden really enjoyed it. Todd and I thought it was a bit hokey. It is just a LOT more laid back than the Spring season. They don’t have umpires, so all calls are made by the coaches. Usually that is fine, works out well for both sides, but occasionally you wonder if a certain coach is really that blind of if just wants his team to win that badly! All in all though I’m glad we did it, keeps Caeden fresh and up to speed plus he really LOVES to play!
We had our team party tonight at Pizza Hut. The boys spent most of the time goofing off while waiting on the pizza. Lael flitted about alternately chatting the boys up and ignoring them. Coach Mike gave out the trophies and certificates for each boy. Caeden ended up with the highest batting average for the season! Hooray!

Say what?