Environmental Alphabet Art

Environmental  Alphabet Art

I’m sure some of you have heard of Environmental Alphabet Art or at least seen these pictures.  A photographer goes out with sharp eyes and looks for the alphabet depicted by wrought iron railings, fences, trees, antennas etc.  Pretty much anything can become a letter if you look at it closely enough!  The trick is seeing the world through that filter.  I have walked down Main Street in Madison tons of times but never noticed all the letters just waiting to be captured by my camera lens!  I took tons of pictures and then realized I had a bunch of pictures of the same letters.  So, I had to go out again and really look harder for those elusive letters.  I have posted them here on my blog so that you can download them if you would like to create your own environmental alphabet art.  I don’t have all the letters yet, but am still working on it!
If you click on the images below, a REALLY large image will pop up. You can right-click on it to download it.

Say what?