Doctor Visit

We have finally been to the doctor.  Yay!  There are only a couple here in Madison, and I really didn’t want to drive into Huntsville every time we needed to go.  So, we were on the waiting list at a couple of places.  Finally, Cornerstone called and were accepting new patients.  I checked the twins out of school at 1:30, and we headed over for the appointment at 2:00.  We got there and had hardly gotten into the waiting room when they called their names.  Wowzers, I have never had that happen at the doctor.  The twins are weighed and measured, blood pressure taken and all of that.  Caeden weighs 44 lbs, and is 45″ tall.  Lael was 42 lbs. and 43 1/2″ tall.  So, just about 2 lbs and 2″ difference.  Caeden immediately says, “I’m bigger than you!”  Lael fires back, “Yeah, but I’m older!”  After that, we go back to the examining room and Dr. Cartwright is waiting on us!  Again, I’ve never had that happen!  He is a great guy.  He is so friendly and completely makes them feel comfortable.  He starts with Lael and asks her all kinds of questions about what she likes to eat and do.  She answers everything perfectly and then he moves on to Caeden.  This is where it gets funny!  He asks Caeden if he eats vegetables.  Caeden says No!  He asks Caeden if he wears a helmet when he rides his bicycle, Caeden says No!  He asks Caeden if he has a bedtime, Caeden says No!  Oh my gosh!  Each time that word came out of Caeden’s mouth, I am astounded!  Of course he eats veggies, and goes to bed at a decent hour and wears a helmet!!!  Why would he tell the doctor these things?!?  At this point, I am cracking up and feeling embarassed at the same time!  Luckily Lael is there to set the record straight!  She pipes in, “We do too, we go to bed at 8:00”,  “yes, we wear a helmet” and “yes, Mom does serve veggies, but I don’t always like them!”

Say what?