Dentist Trip

All three kids had dentist appointments today. Hurray for no cavities! Caeden needs to have 3 teeth pulled, Lael has 3 that are loose (which she is ecstatic about because she has lost NONE, and Caeden has already lost 3!) and Chace needs braces soon. We have known this for a long time, so no surprise there. I made an appointment to have Caeden’s teeth pulled and another one to have the impressions and X-rays done for Chace’s braces. Whew!

This dentist office is amazing though. They just moved into a new office and it is the coolest. There are two sections in the waiting room, one boring one with chairs, magazines and the tv’s. The other half is like a McDonald’s playplace, complete with slides and tubes and full of happy kids. There is also a tv there playing cartoons, and some sort of game system built into the wall. I’ve never been to a doctor/dentist appointment and heard the kids say “Aaaww Mom, already? I’m not ready!” when they call their names to go back. That happened today – they wanted to stay and play!

Say what?