Daisy Parent Meeting

We had our first Daisy meeting tonight.  It was actually a Parent Meeting.  So, Dusty was talking to the parents, telling them what to expect etc.  I had the girls – all 14 of them.  Yikes!  We were making bead bracelets.  One bead to signify each color of the the Daisy petals.  Each color stands for something too.  They were doing ok, but I felt like I needed 3 more sets of hands!  In the end, everyone got their bracelet finished and were wearing them proudly.  So, it was a good first meeting.

I don’t know we ended up with 14 girls so quickly!  When we first got out list we had like 6 or 8.  Then somebody called and they wanted to switch troops to ours.  Then they told somebody else, and then she told somebody else and now we have 14 wonderful girls in our troop.  I am very excited, I think it will be a lot of fun!

Say what?