Consignment Sales

They are a good thing right?  Of course, the concept is simple and is a win-win for everyone!  A consignor takes the clothes her children have outgrown to be sold in the Consignment Sale.  She then shops [early, as in before the general public] the sale for gently used clothes for her children.  So, she sells clothes, gets money, and then buys more clothes at a great price.

Okay, that is the general idea.  However, some sales are planned out better than others, some are more organized, and some are not worth your time.  I have been to consignment sales in 4 different cities, and been a consignor at 3 of those.

The sale I am involved seems to be a good one, but the rules are quite extensive and specific!  When I was getting the clothes ready Todd was trying to help, but he was getting quite exasperated at all the rules.  I know there are reasons for rules, but what is really the difference between a 1.5″ safety pin and a 2″ safety pin?  1/2 an inch, right?  Well, apparently it matters for whatever reason, and safety pins smaller than 2″ are not allowed!  The clothes must be hung on the hanger facing a certain direction, if it is a complete outfit, the pants must be pinned to the back of the shirt at the shoulder, the tags must be printed on cardstock using a laser printer, which means that you have to take them to Office Depot or Staples or somewhere like that, b/c most homes have an inkjet printer!

They said you should plan to take your clothes early to Receiving to get a low priority shoppinng number for the Contributor Preview Sale.  Of course I procrastinated, so the Sunday before the last day to drop off, I was frantic!  I had heard tales of people waiting in line 3-4 hours to drop their clothes off and get their number.  I stayed up late, trying to finish up the tags and get everything on hangers, but I ran out of safety pins.  I decide to head to Publix, it was about 11:15.  Of course Publix was closed!  Who would have thought a grocery store closes at 10:00????  So, I decide to just go to bed, and finish up the next morning.  I wake up and call my friends hoping that someone has some safety pins – no such luck!  I head out to Publix, and find the safety pins, two boxes left, and they must be sterling silver or something, because it is a pack of 20 for $2.99!!!!  Highway robbery, I tell you!  Sadly, I bought both packs – I had to have them!  I didn’t have time to run around town to find safety pins at a reasonable cost!  I had planned on being at the door when they opened for Receiving at 9:00.  I actually made it there at 10:15.  The line was not terrible and I was actually back out and on the road by 11:30 – thank goodness!

Time will tell if it was all worth it – hopefully, I will sell all the clothes I took for a nice sum, and find lots of great items when I go to the sale too.  Oh, yeah, and the Priority Shopping number I got?  HA!  I was not even eligible for the first Contributor Sale on Thursday night, I was not even anywhere near early on the Saturday Contributor Sale!  My number is 970 – which puts me able to shop at 12:00 on Saturday!  ridiculous, I say!

Say what?