Chace vs. Poppy

Chace got so much better at waterskiing by the end of the summer.  At first he would ski once around the lake and come back to the dock with his back killing him.  That was because he couldn’t seem to get the proper form.  He always looked like a hunchback.  After a couple of months of practice, he looks like a pro out there.  Poppy decided it was time to challenge Chace to a Ski-Off.  He bet Chace that he could ski longer than him.  Of course Chace took the bait.  We took off down into Three Mile Creek and all was well.  Both Chace and Poppy looked like they could ski forever.  On the way out of Three Mile Creek, they started to get tired.  You could tell because one or the other was constantly pulling on the ski rope to hook it over their elbow, or switching off hands.  There was a bit of stretching of the legs as they stooped down to ski a while.  Neither one wanted to admit defeat.  They both felt that they should be able to outski the other.  Finally, they cut a deal that they would both let go at the same time, to ensure a tie.  They did this and as the boat pulled around to pick them up they looked very tired.  I asked if they knew how long they had been skiing.  They didn’t have a clue.  When I told them only 10 minutes, they looked shocked.  They felt like it had been MUCH longer than that!!

Say what?