Chace – the Dragon

Most of you who read my blog know this already, but I want it posted here for posterity.  Chace did something incredibly dumb this weekend.  We thought he was mature enough to stay with friends this weekend while we went to Birmingham and Tuscaloosa.  We were wrong.  Friday night he spent the night with Dylan.  They were hanging out in the garage throwing darts and stuff, but got bored after Dylan’s parents went to bed.  One or both of them had the bright idea to try to be a flamethrower by putting gasoline in their mouths, spitting it out and then lighting it.  Dylan tried it first and it worked fine.  Chace did it next, and it didn’t work out so well.  He said it spurted out the side of his mouth, and caught his face on fire.  He started slapping at it, Dylan tackled him, then some got on Dylan’s face so he caught on fire then.  They were both rolling around the garage trying to get the flames out, and knocked over the can of gasoline in the process.  Luckily, the fire went out and didn’t ignite anything else, like their clothes, or the garage or the house.  The boys cleaned up the spilled gasoline, went inside, took a shower, and then went to bed.  The next day, of course they had to tell Dylan’s parents.  So, we got a call Saturday morning.  Todd was so mad, he wanted to drive up and get Chace immediately.  But, it was Chace’s other friend, Raymond’s birthday.  I hated to ruin Raymond’s birthday, they have been so good to Chace.  Plus, it was probably better to give us some time to cool off and think about the punishment.  Sunday night we sat down with Chace and lectured him on the danger and what could have happened etc.  We also laid out his punishment and were met with no objections, at least he was smart enough not to vocally object!!  He is on house arrest until December 1st.  Television is off limits, along with video games, and computer use unless he is working on homework and needs it, or researching the report, which is the other part of his punishment.  We assigned him a 4 page report titled “The Dangers of Playing with Fire”  He must cover 4 topics in detail, and include supporting pictures.  The topics are:  Death caused by burns/fire, Death caused by toxic fumes/smoke, Fire destroys houses, Lifetime disfigurement.  Todd took him to the doctor Monday.  He said that Chace has 2nd degree burns and gave him a prescription for Silverdine.  He also said that there was no evidence that the gasoline reached Chace’s lungs, which was good.  But, he said that the nose hairs were all burned away which would allow possible infections through.  All in all, he and Dylan both were very lucky.

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