Chace is a Tiger

a Detroit Tiger, that is!  Never, ever will he cheer for the blue/orange Tiger team, which will go unnamed here on my blog!!!  He is playing in the Senior League in the Madison Baseball rec league again.  He didn’t play last year after getting totally burned out on baseball at Liberty.  At Liberty, the coaches were so intense and just ON the boys butts all the time that Chace didn’t really enjoy it.  It is totally different in the park league.  These boys are playing baseball just for the fun of the game.  It is relaxed and easygoing and just plain fun.  Chace is enjoying it so much, and that translates into him being a better ball player.  He is hitting the ball better than he ever did at Liberty.  He hit one over the fence the other day and the joy on his face as he crossed home plate with all his teammates there to smack him on the back (or butt) was so apparent.  He is playing shortshop and will go completely horizontal in the air to keep a ball from getting by him.  He also pitches some, they call him the Closer.  His coach will usually put him at the end of the game.  I think he only started pitching one game.  After one inning pitching, the coach asked him if that was a knuckle ball he threw.  Chace said yes it was.  His coach seemed to be impressed with that pitch in particular.  I don’t even know what a knuckle ball is!  Anyway, it has been fun to go to the games – Caeden especially enjoys watching these much older boys play!

Today was their last game in the regular season, so we got some team shots afterward.

Say what?