Chace is a Graduate

Chace is a Graduate

It’s hard to believe, my first sweet little baby boy has graduated.  I am really having a hard time wrapping my brain around it.  You hear the cliche all the time, how fast time flies – and everyone knows it as they watch their children grow up.  It seems like the first 5 years are gone like blip on the radar and they are starting Kindergarten.  Then the years pass and before you know it, they are wearing a cap and gown and are finished!

I don’t know why the school has the graduation on a Monday night.  There are a lot of theories around.  Some people say that they want to naturally limit the number of people who can attend, if people live out of town then they will have a harder time getting here on a weeknight.  Someone else brought up a good point too – that the dates are probably limited as to when they can reserve the VBC.  They cannot have graduation at the school because it’s not big enough.  There is somewhere between 654 and 678 in Chace’s graduating class.  I’ve heard both numbers from the school.  Each student got 9 tickets, so to make the math easy let’s go with 10 tickets each.  At 650 students, that would be 6500 people there to watch.  Yep, it was crazy crowded!

We had a hard time picking Chace out of the crowd of graduates.  They are all wearing the same thing for goodness sake!  Finally, I spotted him a few rows up from the back of one of the front sections.  When I finally located him I was almost giddy.  I felt proud that I had picked him out of the group of hundreds.  Then I felt silly, because he’s my son, right?  I should be able to pick him out of ANY crowd!!

I snapped a few pictures of him sitting in his row, and then I got the dreaded message on my camera:  “Change the battery pack”  Ok, no problem, I have a spare battery, I’ll just switch it out.  Welllll, that only works if I had put the spare battery in my purse instead of leaving it on the kitchen counter!  Luckily, I had dropped my small camera in my purse as well.  So, the quality of the pictures aren’t great, but Hey, at least I have pictures!

Say what?