Chace is 14!

hard to believe!! 14 short years ago I became a Mom for the first time. In some ways it does seem like just yesterday I was holding that sweet bald baby in my arms and other times it seems like a lifetime away. Well, technically it was a lifetime, Chace’s!! Anyway, I am so proud of the young man that Chace has become. He is really a great kid. He mentioned the other day that he is now a freshman – 9th grade next year!! He will still be at Liberty, but a Freshman, he now has a title, not just 7th grader or 8th grader! eeeeekkk!
Todd had Field Boss Duty at Palmer Park on Chace’s birthday so we decided to celebrate with his birthday dinner Friday night. He did ask for a special dinner on his birthday, one like MiMi makes. Uh-oh – he wants hamburger steak with grilled onions and mashed potatoes. I am on the spot, I don’t want to mess it up, I mean it is his birthday after all! So, I make it and he says it is good, of course, he is always sweet about anything I make, but he does admit that there is something special about the food that grandmothers cook. Nena had her specialties that nobody could duplicate, Grandmother did also. LaLa has some delicious dishes and MiMi too. Maybe one day I will rank up there with ‘the masters’, automatically when you become a grandmother your cooking gets elevated.
Friday night after Caeden’s game we went out, Chace wanted Dylan to go, of course. He had chosen Sakura to eat. Chace missed out when we went there a few months ago, but he loves Japanese food, especially when they cook it on the hibachi right in front of you. Our chef tonight was really really good. He put on a great show and the food was absolutely delicious. If you are in Madison or Huntsville, you should really check them out!!

Say what?