Chace Injured

Chace had a baseball game today, actually they had a couple of games, but in the first one he got injured. He hit the ball beautifully – deep into center field, and takes off around the bases. He said after he rounded 1st that he felt something pop – he made it to 2nd, and should have taken 3rd – but I could tell he was hurting bad. They got another runner in for him and he managed to hobble off the field with the help of one of the coaches. I figured it was his back, because he already pulled a muscle in batting practice a few weeks ago, but it was actually his hip that was hurting. He got some ice, but it was not helping. The game was almost over, so Todd took him to Urgent Care straight from the field. They took x-rays and checked him out. They said that he had torn/separated the muscle from the growth plate in his hip. We got him some crutches and had an appointment at Sports Medicine. They recommended 3-4 weeks of physical therapy, so that should be fun fitting into our schedule.

Say what?