Cathedral Caverns

We have been wanting to visit Cathedral Caverns for a while now.  It is only about 45 minutes away from our house.  This Saturday, I had a few inspections to do around Scottsboro, which is close to the caverns.  So, we decided to make it fun-filled day.  We started out at IHOP, so that we would all have plenty of food in our bellies and nobody would have reason to complain for a least 2 hours or so!  It had snowed a few days ago, in Madison the snow didn’t stick.  But, it did around the caverns and Scottsboro.  It was such a pretty drive too. 

The caverns are so much more impressive in person than just reading about them.  This is the kids standing in front of the huge cave entrance. It is the widest entrance of any commercial cave in the world, 25 feet tall and 128 feet wide.   Todd acting like a fruitcake inside the caverns.  Gotta love him! 

Here we are – the whole Fam nearly at the end of the cave tour.  This was right before we arrived at the point where you can’t go any farther unless you want to crawl through a 3 foot wide opening on your belly.    Here are a few more pictures of everbody goofing off after we got back outside.

Say what?