Family Pictures

We have never had a real family portrait made.  Not since the twins were born anyway.  Todd, Chace and I had some cheesy ones done while I was pregnant with the twins, but since then it’s been only snapshots here and there.  Hardly any of […]

Environmental  Alphabet Art

Environmental Alphabet Art

I’m sure some of you have heard of Environmental Alphabet Art or at least seen these pictures.  A photographer goes out with sharp eyes and looks for the alphabet depicted by wrought iron railings, fences, trees, antennas etc.  Pretty much anything can become a letter […]

Professional Baseball Photos

One of the boys on Caeden’s team is the grandson of Greg Machen.  Greg Machen Photography is one of Madison’s best photographers.  They do the school portraits at Columbia, I don’t know if they do all the schools or not.  But, I like that the Madison […]

Christmas Card Photos

Christmas Card Photos

FINALLY!  I’ve been trying to get a photo for our Christmas cards for 2 weeks now!  I coerced the family into posing for me once, but we were losing light quickly and I didn’t want to use the flash.  That meant that everyone had to […]

Autumn, my fave season

Autumn, my fave season

At least it is now.  That is what I’m feeling, so I’m gonna go with that.  When Spring comes around and I start posting about Spring being my favorite season, cut me some slack.  At that point, it will be my favorite season.  When we […]