Car in Garage – Success!

We have cleaned out the garage a dozen times since we moved in 2+ years ago but have never been able to clean enough out to actually get the van in.  Today, that changed!  There was just one more trip that needed to be made to the thrift store with donations, and some carboard boxes/bags of trash that Aimee and Chris got rid of for us – that was it.  We hung the last few things on the wall, Todd installed the laser light thingy that tells me how far to pull up and finallyfinallyfinally there was enough room for my van!  whoo-hoo!  Later Dylan pointed out that his Mom has 3 kids just like me, yet they are able to park 2 cars in their garage.  How come I only have room for one?  ummmmm, well I pointed out that we have 3 kids living at home, which means we have 3 bikes, 3 scooters, 2 turtle bikes, 2 Rip Riders, a plethora of bats, balls and misc kid stuff.  I was feeling like haha see there!  Then Aimee confirms that they also have 3 bikes in their garage….grrrrr. 

Nothing can rain on my parade though – here is my fabulous Honey of a Honda (in the garage) a crowded garage, but IN the garage!

Say what?