Busy weekend

My parents, my sister and her daughter are in town this weekend. Mallory was supposed to play in a tennis tournament here in Huntsville. But, right after they arrived Heather checked the website to see if they needed to go check in and they had canceled it! She drove all the way here from Atlanta to find out that Mallory would not be playing. The weather has been crappy the past couple of days, lots and lots of rain! I told Heather that I would be surprised if she played, but I never thought it would be totally canceled. Caeden was supposed to play ball, Lael had soccer practice and Chace had several games scheduled for Saturday. It was going to be a very full, very busy weekend. But, only Chace’s games went on – somehow they managed to get Liberty’s field ready to play on Saturday. It was nice to be able to visit with the Fam. On Saturday, in between Chace’s games, we went out to Greenbrier BBQ to eat. It is the best BBQ we’ve found in town – ok, it’s not really in town, just a few miles from County Line Rd, although it feels like much farther!!! They have the best hushpuppies I think I have ever eaten, I could make a meal of just them! That night we watched Twilight again. It was just as good the second time around!

Say what?