Brownie’s Cookie Sale

We had our first Cookie Sale at WalMart this morning. The girls all had fun, I think. We didn’t sell as many as we did last year at our Booth Sale. But, last year I think a lot of it had to do with out date. We were there at about 10:00 on Valentines Day. So, we hit all those last minute guy shoppers who were buying flowers for their wives. What goes better with flowers for your wife on Valentine’s Day than Girl Scout cookies? So, anyway this year – we didn’t do all that great. But, we did sell some, which was the whole point, right? I just won’t look into my dining room where all of those extra cases of cookies sit that did not get sold. We still have one more Booth Sale to go. We will be at the Tots 2 Teens consignment sale next Saturday, hopefully there will be a lot of hungry people going in and out there! 

Say what?