I was too proud of my new patio!!! I had not even had anyone over yet for a dinner or a get-together or anything, and now we have no table to sit at! A stupid summer storm blew up out of nowhere yesterday afternoon. I did not even realize it was windy, but apparently it was like some kind of straight-line winds and my beautiful new red umbrella smashed my much anticipated and shopped for glass table. I don’t know if the wind picked up the umbrella and then slammed the table down and broke it or if the pressure on the pole shattered the glass. Either way it’s broken. We heard the most awful noise and I immediately thought, ‘that sounded like glass breaking, but no!!” Todd thought it sounded like a shotgun. We went out and the umbrella was up against the brick wall and glass was everywhere. He has to wrestle the umbrella to get it closed. Thankfully it is not broken too. But my table!!! Waaaahhhhh!!

Say what?