Blue Angels at the Airshow

Wow, this show was so cool. I know I have seen them before, when I was a kid. But, I was thoroughly impressed. I think us adults enjoyed it more than the kids did! Of course, they were running out of steam from being awake at midnight the night before! And, we did have to wait quite a while for the show to begin. But, wow, I thought it was awesome and I thought they would enjoy it more. Oh well, you never can tell. If you ever get a chance to go see the Blue Angels perform you really should go!

This particular Airshow did have a sad ending on Sunday. A thunderstorm blew up quickly and caught everyone by surprise. It was pretty terrible, high winds, stinging rain, and lightning. People were taking cover under anything they could find, which included the wings of nearby airplanes. The wind got under the enclosed air conditioned tents and blew them over, one by one. A 5 year old child died and many more were severely injured. I can’t imagine the pain the family is going through who lost their child. They go to the Airshow for entertainment for the family and end up facing the worst tragedy any parent can imagine. My heart goes out to them, along with prayers of many in our community.Old Glory and the Blue Angels

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