Baseball Banquet

Last night was the Baseball Banquet.  Chace was not thrilled with the idea of having the twins present.  I was on the fence about it.  It was a sit-down dinner and there would not be any other children near their age.  I didn’t realize that Todd and I were that much younger than most parents of 13 yr. olds until we started going to events at the middle school level.  At the baseball games, there are not really any other children for the twins to play with.  Lucky they have each other, I suppose, even though they are arguing over whose turn it is to race along the bleachers.  Anyway, given a choice, Chace would rather the twins did not attend the banquet.  So, I talked it over with Aimee, and she agreed and then also agreed to watch the twins, gotta love friends who give advice and offer babysitting services as well!  When we dropped the twins off I asked Aimee if she could get a picture of us and Chace.  However, as soon as she got the camera ready, Lael leaps into the picture.  Ok, that’s fine – then Caeden has to get into it.  Finally, I get her to snap one of just us with Chace.  By this time, Chace has had enough – it is also the first time Chris had seen Chace since he got about 3 lbs of hair cut off, so he had to be ready for some comments about that.  That was just the start though.  At the Banquet, the coach always does what he calls the Losers Club.  It works like the “You might be a Redneck” jokes.  He would flash pictures of kids doing goofy things and then say they might be a loser if……..All in fun and games, of course.  When he started, Todd said that he was sure to get Chace for his hair.  Sure enough, coach says, You might be a loser if you ever get confused with a poodle.  Then they flash a picture of a poodle next to one of Chace with all of his curly/scary hair glory.  It was hysterical!  Then they made him come up and stand next to the screen to see the vast difference a haircut makes.

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Say what?