At the Lake

We are going to continue the fun we had in Chattanooga at the lake for a week.  Todd is off on Monday for the July 4th holiday, so he will stay til then, then he will have to go back to Huntsville without us.  We will stay at the lake, hang out and enjoy!  Today we mostly just sat on the dock, taking turns riding the tubes and waterskiing.  When it got dark we settled in on the dock to watch the fireworks show from across the lake at Cedar Bluff.  It was awesome!  I thought we would be able to hear them much more clearly though, but Dad said that it was farther than it looked.  I tried to get pictures of the fireworks, like I do every year.  But, I failed again, like I do every year!  I did get a great shot of the Fam though!

Say what?