At the Bus Stop

Our bus stop is a happening place!  We have 10 kids that regularly get on the bus there.  That is a lot of kids to try to keep out of the street as the cars come zooming down the street in their hurry to get to work.  The bus stop has moved a few times.  We used to wait in Aimee’s yard/driveway and the bus would stop in the middle of the road as it curves around.  Then we got a new bus driver this year and she decided that the kids needed to wait on the other side of the road right where the road curves.  She said that it was because they would not have to cross the street to get on the bus.  But, we think that she just wanted them there so that they could get on the bus more quickly, so that she could finish her route more quickly.  The problem with her scenario is that the cars who are driving way too fast down our street almost always cut over into the other lane closest to where she wanted them to wait on the curb.  It would be beyond horrible if one of the kids came off the curb for whatever reason and a car hits them. 

Round 1 – So, we told our kids to wait on our side of the street, and we would scoot up, closer to where she stops.  That wasn’t good enough – our bus driver went to the principal and we got a letter sent home telling us to have our kids to wait where she wanted them to. 

Round 2  – We called the principal, sent emails, took it to the transportation director guy for Madison.  They both came out to our bus stop to see exactly what we were talking about.  The end result – they ruled in our favor, our kids will stay safe and wait on our side of the street.  To address the bus drivers ‘concerns’ they flipped the route – so now, our kids are the last to be picked up so that they can be picked up on the safe side of the street and not have to cross traffic. 

Here are some of the kids from our bus stop.

Say what?