Art, Writing & Awards

I tend to take plenty of pictures of the kids playing their different sports and being active, playing outside and stuff.  But, I don’t want to overlook or make light of their accomplishments in the arts.  Lael especially excels in art and at times Caeden gets upset because her stuff is routinely chosen for display in various art shows at Bob Jones, Panoply or even at Columbia.  He did win 2nd or 3rd place or something in the Reflections contest at Columbia last year and Lael was dumbfounded that his piece was chosen over hers.  It was a lesson in humility.  Anyway, this post is to show off some of all 3 kids artsy pursuits. 

First is Chace.  Chace started taking drama as an elective at Liberty in 7th or 8th grade, I can’t remember.  I was surprised that he chose drama.  Chace was one of those little kids was so shy when he would meet new people that he would hide behind Todd’s legs.  It was the cutest thing.  Then as he grew up, he turned into a whole different person – he never met a stranger.  He could talk to anybody about anything.  So, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that he chose Drama.  Anyway, turns out that this was his favorite class at Liberty.  And he was very good at it.  He and Dylan had a short skit that they took to competition at Bob Jones.  They were chosen along with 1 or 2 other groups from Liberty to represent Bob Jones in the state wide competition at Troy State.  Whoo-hoo, it was a huge honor, and they were so excited to spend a weekend on a college campus.  Here is Chace holding his certificate that they presented him at Awards Day.  I would have a picture of him onstage accepting said award, BUT, Chace neglected to tell us that he was getting an award.  He also started taking Art as an elective this year, 2nd semester.  He said the class was ok, which translated means, that it wasn’t too hard, and the teacher wasn’t too mean.  This is one of his art projects.

Next up is Caeden.  Caeden does not care for art.  He will draw something for an assignment but that is about as far as it goes.  He doesn’t have a lot of interest in sitting at the kitchen table coloring, or painting, or any of that.  I did like this picture he brought home from Art class one day though.  His style is abstract – this piece is open to interpretation!!  Also here is a sample of his writing.


Finally, Lael – the self proclaimed “Artist”  In fact, being an artist is her life’s ambition.  Of course I worry about that, I mean what are the percentage of artists who actually make money and are ‘successful’ at being an artist?  Oh well, she is only 7, I’m sure her life’s ambition will change a few more times before she has to declare a major!  Here is a picture of Lael holding up her award and the art piece that was chosen for display at Panoply.  I’ve also included a close-up of the art piece because you need to look closely to find her name hiddenin there.  It is pretty cool.  Also, here are some writing samples.  She writes in a stream of conciousness style.  Whatever she is thinking about, that is what comes out on paper.  While she was filling out these questionairres for Star Student, she was eating a cupcake.  On another one, she had been helping me grate cheese.  Then I’ve also included a couple of other art pieces that I like. 

Say what?