Alabama Adventures

I took the first step yesterday in planning some fun for our summer.  I bought season passes to Alabama Adventures. What is cool is that I got them for half price! Several of the news stations here in Huntsville do these promotions where they offer half price deals for restaurant, movies, and more. I noticed that they had season passes for Alabama Adventures listed. I thought it was strange since it is about 2 hours away, but it works perfectly for us, since my parents live about 20 minutes from the park in Bham.
We had planned on having the twins 4th birthday party there, but it rained that day so we moved the party to the bowling alley. They have not forgotten about it! Each summer (well actually all year long, when they see the sign on I-59) they keep saying HEY! we never got to to to Alabama Adventures!!! This is our summer to do it – every day if we want to!!

Say what?