a productive day

Yes, I did it – I had a scrappy productive day! Yay me! I am nearly finished with our Christmas cards, I’ve only got about 10 or 15 to make. Of course, I still have to sign and address them all, but the creative part is nearly done.

I’ve also been working tonight on the gifts I’m making for the teachers. I’ve got all the quotes typed up and sized correctly – but I need some Primas or some other decorative accent before I start sticking them down with glue. The accents I choose will determine what paper to print the quotes on. This will require a trip to Hobby Lobby tomorrow.

We had a great weekend, except for Lael being sick. Caeden was complaining today of a stomach ache – let’s hope he doesn’t throw up tomorrow!

House Hunting trip to Madison Tuesday – I’m excited but scared to death too!

Say what?