A New Playset

This playset has been ‘in the works’ for a few months.  We first started talking about it after we moved here and after the weather started getting warm.  Then we decided the twins birthday was coming up and it would be a perfect gift.  But, we certainly did not want to break the bank with a wooden playset.  Todd said of course he could build one for less cost than buying one.  I thought he might want to at least download some plans or something.  He said nope, he would draw it out, figure out the dimensions and just go buy the wood.  I did manage to find the main swing beam (which Todd ended up not using), two swings with hardware, and a slide from CraigsList.org for a sweet small sum! Yay!  Anyway, we designated last weekend for the time to start building the playset.  Todd planned it all out Saturday, bought the materials Sunday afternoon and went to work.  He worked til nearly 8:00 on it Sunday night.  Monday morning at work, he had some tummy troubles, so he came home.  Luckily he felt better after he got home, and decided to get to work again, so he started about 10:30 Monday morning.  (I think he just had the itch to finish the playset!)  He stopped for lunch and got a couple more items from Lowe’s and started again a little after noon.  He worked again til late in the evening – and it is now mostly complete!!  I am so very proud of him, it is awesome, the twins love it and the other neighborhood kids as well!  Todd still wants to put a roof on, with a canvas tarp or something, and build monkey bars coming off the back side toward the fence, and of course stain it.  But, for now – it’s done!  Yippeee!

Say what?