Tax Day = Fun Day

Today started off badly – Tax Day.  Since I procrastinated and didn’t get my taxes to the CPA in a timely manner I was freaking out yesterday about our taxes.  When I called yesterday, they said that were getting all of them done that arrived by 3/23, which included ours……phew!  So, they call this morning, and tell me how much we owed.  OUCH!  more than I expected, but for folks who have never had to pay, any payment hurts.  We usually get a refund.  But, with my job last year, I was an independent contractor – which means that they didn’t take any taxes out.  So, anyway – with that yuckiness taken care of………we moved on to the better part of my day.

The better part of my day involves going out to play with Aimee.  We drove around in circles in Madison, crisscrossing Wall Triana, Hughes and Hwy 72 and 20.  We had a few errands before the fun stuff and probably could have planned it a bit better.  Anyway, we ended up having lunch at Main Street Cafe in Madison.  I have been wanting to go there since we moved here, but they are only open from 11-2 Monday-Saturday.  It is the coolest little home town southern style yummy deliciousness restaurant in Madison, I think.  The building dates back to 1955.  It was Madison’s 3rd City Hall, which also housed the jail, the fire station and police department.  It still has the bars on the windows of the two jail cells.  The restaurant is within spitting distance of the railroad tracks.  So, as we are eating, I started to hear this rumble and start looking around……..I had forgotten the tracks were right there.  By this time, the train had arrived and was whooshing past with its insanely loud train whistle.  I could actually feel the floor tremble under my feet, that is how close it is.  Anwyay, the food was superb, I got one of the specials, a Philly with onion rings. <double yumyum>  Aimee got something that we didn’t know how to pronounce, but it was so good, just like something that your grandma would make.  Connie popped in just before we got our food, she had just finished her lunch there with somebody else, but saved room for dessert.  She ordered the strawberry pretzel salad, which I didn’t think I was going to have room for.  But, it is probably my most favorite dessert of all time so I had to order some.  I only ate half of my sandwich, half of the onion rings and half of the salad.  I got a box for the leftovers and was planning on having another delicious lunch tomorrow.  Well, that plan went out the window when the strawberry pretzel salad melted and ran all over the box, ruining my sandwich and onion rings, boo-hoo!

After lunch we went for a pedicure, that is where my lunch got ruined.  Obviously it was hotter in the car than I thought.  Anyway, I picked out an awesome peachy orange color and now have pretty toes.  What is even better is how smooth my feet are, especially my heels.  I did discover that I already have a tan line from my flip flops though.  I guess I got it Saturday at the ball park.  When I got home, I thought that my toes could use a little extra oomph.  So, I got out Lael’s polish pens and drew some silver flowers and added a little gemstone.  Too cute!Pedicure plus Flowers

Say what?