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We’ve been Re-zoned

I am very sad to say that our neighborhood has been re-zoned to a different elementary school.  I completely understand why we have to do this, I really do.  But, it is still difficult to tell my children that they will have to leave Columbia […]

Madison Street Festival

The Madison Street Festival is always a lot of fun!  It is the perfect sized fun event.  There are a lot of people there, but it’s not overwhelming.  There are tons of food vendors, which is Chace’s favorite.  I like all the craft booths.  Caeden […]

Madison Baseball Opening Day

Opening Day for baseball in Madison is a big deal.  This year, it was a beautiful Spring day with perfect weather to hang out at the ball park.  They had 4 inflateables, plenty of grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, and a feeling of excitement as the games got underway.  Caeden’s team had their first game, but Lael was not all that excited to watch – all she could focus on was the inflateable slide, obstacle course and jumping thing.  I took her over right before Caeden’s game started to play, so of course Caeden started in with “That’s not fair!”  If I had a nickel for every time one of them said that – I would be so rich!

Snow in March

A snowy day in March?  Aren’t we living in Alabama now?  The weather report called for snow today and the kids were way excited, they just knew that meant another day out of school.  When we woke up this morning, it was really coming down.  […]

Dentist Trip

All three kids had dentist appointments today. Hurray for no cavities! Caeden needs to have 3 teeth pulled, Lael has 3 that are loose (which she is ecstatic about because she has lost NONE, and Caeden has already lost 3!) and Chace needs braces soon. […]

My Birthday and More Swine Flu!

My birthday arrived amidst a flurry of emails, phone calls and news conferences about the swine flu. It seems like that is what everyone is talking about! We learned today that we have probable cases now in West Madison, Madison, Horizon and Heritage Elementary Schools. That is all the elementary schools except for Columbia (ours) and Rainbow. This is the latest from the city about our schools:

In today’s meeting at the Emergency Management Agency, the state and local public health officers determined that Madison City elementary schools (all of them to include Rainbow and Columbia) will be closed 14 days. This decision, made by the health officers, was in agreement with the Center for Disease Center’s Interim Guidelines for K-12 School Dismissal. However, it was agreed that the situation for our elementary schools may be reassessed Saturday, May 9.

14 days!?!? what?!?!? It’s not summer yet, I’m not ready!! I still have several more weeks left of peace and quiet before my home is invaded every single day by snack munching, juice guzzling, dirt tracking, noise making lil gremlins!

On a side note – I am 35 today! I am on the downslope to old – closer to 40 than 30 now!!

Swine Flu Hits Madison

I cannot believe it! We are just a tiny speck on the map, and now we are all over the national news!!! Our school superintendent sent something out the other day about how Madison/Huntsville is at risk because of all the residents who travel nationally […]

Day after Party

Last night was the Going Away party for the Elfick’s. It went really well, wonderful turn-out, we had 30 adults and 18 children. That is a true testament to the Elfick’s, great people who have a host of wonderful friends. They will definitely be missed! […]

Madison Street Festival

Caeden’s Cub Scout Troop was supposed to be in the Parade at the Madison Street Festival. So, the boys had to be there early to get in line.  Chris, Todd and the boys went on early, and Aimee, Lael and I drove over a bit later.  When we got there, we found a good spot to watch the parade go by and waited.  Todd called to tell us when to start looking for them.  Finally, we see the Cub Scouts.  They are easy to spot in their uniforms with the flags.  Dylan was pushing some sort of wooden car thing, with another kid riding in it.  Todd and Chace were all the way on the other side from where we were, so I didn’t get any good pictures of him at all 🙁   Oh well, there is always next year.

The parade goes on by, so we decide to walk around and check out the booths.  It seems like every clown,, beauty queen and all the booths are giving out balloons, so Lael has several, in different colors.  She spots a booth down the road a bit that has blue balloons and insists she needs a blue balloon.  Sure, no problem.  We walk up to it and I realize that it is a Democratic party booth and the blue balloons are emblazoned with some Democrat’s name who is running for Congress.  Aimee starts laughing, since she knows our family’s political stance, (Republican) in stark contrast to her own Democratic leanings.  Lael is just excited about a blue balloon.  I am not about to make the child cry by telling her that she cannot have a blue balloon for political reasons!!!  But then the guy asks her if she wants a sticker.  She is a child!  Of course she wants a sticker!!!  Now, Aimee is really laughing – it is sticker with a donkey, which Lael thinks is cool.  Whatever!

Finally, the boys return and we head over to the Inflatable Fun Zone!  Oh boy, they have 6 or 7 inflatable things, sounds like too much fun right?  I head over to the table to get tickets.  I was not prepared for $1 per ticket.  1 ticket earns you one time down the slide, or one time through the obstacle course, or even better two tickets for the biggest and best maze like obstacle course inflatable!  I thought it was a racket, but what can you say?

After that, we head back out to the street to see what else there is.  My stomach is rumbling, Aimee and I decide on gyros.  YUM!  I don’t think I’ve had one like that before.  She gave me the choice of chicken or lamb, I didn’t have a clue, so I got a taste of each.  Lamb was delicous, chicken was a bit dry, so-so.  Lamb it was – and it was humongous, and sooooooo delicious!

The whole morning was great – the street festival was nice, the kids had a blast!

Soccer Cheering Team, Birthday and BBQ

Heather and her family are already here, so today Mom and Dad decided to drive up also.  The twins had a soccer game this morning at 9:45.  Mom and Dad hopped on their motorcycle and took off from Birmingham early enough to make it in […]

No new taxes

sounds like a good thing huh? well, no not really. Voters in Madison country voted down a proposed 1/2 cent sales tax increase. A 1/2 cent! I mean would you really even notice the increase when you buy your groceries???? I didn’t realize when they […]