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Kids Art Collage

Another Pinterest Project completed!  I’ve been pinning stuff for so long I think I could do a craft or recipe or something …


Canvas Painting

I found a couple of canvasses (is that the correct plural spelling for canvas??  hmmm, looks strange!)  Anyway, I found them at …


My Rocks Rock!

I have a huge collection of Life Truths at Pinterest.  My master plan is to create an Art Journal with a page …


Upcycle Books into Art

The creativity involved in making these just astounds me!  This is more art on display outside the Worship Center at Asbury.

Endless and Everlasting Joy

Asbury has the coolest Christian artistic displays!  I don’t know who creates them or who comes up with them, but I love …

Art, Writing & Awards

I tend to take plenty of pictures of the kids playing their different sports and being active, playing outside and stuff.  But, …