Supper Club

Supper Club

It’s that time again – Supper Club. This time Marcia was hosting and as usual we had lots of delicious food. I brought chicken & dressing and macaroni & cheese. Two of my favorite recipes! Aimee brought her new favorite dessert – Apple Dapple Cake. It is seriously yummy!! Here are the recipes if you are interested in trying them.
Macaroni & Cheese

3 cups uncooked macaroni
1 can Cream of Mushroom soup
4 cups grated cheese
1 2 oz. jar chopped pimientos, drained
1 cup mayonnaise
½ stick butter, melted
1 sleeve Ritz crackers

Preheat oven to 350.
Cook macaroni as directed.
Combine 1st five ingredients, pour into greased casserole dish.
Mix crushed crackers with melted butter, spread on top of casserole.
Bake at 350 for 30-40 minutes.

Chicken & Dressing

6 cups cornbread
3 cups Pepperidge Farm Herbed Seasoned Stuffing
2 cups chopped onions
2 cups chopped celery
2 cans Cream of Mushroom soup
3 eggs, beaten
1 stick butter
4-6 cans chicken broth
4-5 chicken breast, cooked and shredded

Saute celery and onions in stick of butter.
Stir all ingredi`ents together. Add more or less broth to make it just moister than you want to eat it.
Bake at 350 for 40-50 minutes.

Serves 8-10

Apple Dapple Cake
1 ¼ cup shortening
2 cup sugar
3 eggs
2 tsp vanilla
3 cup flour
2 tsp salt
2 tsp baking soda
1 ½ cup chopped pecans
3 cup chopped raw apples, peeled
Mix together shortening, sugar, eggs and vanilla. Sift together flour, salt and baking soda.
Add flour mixture slowly to wet mixture.
Fold in pecans and apples.
Bake in greased tube pan at 350 degrees for one hour.

1 ½ cup packed brown sugar
½ or ¼ cup milk
¾ stick butter

Mix all ingredients and bring to a boil. Cook for 3 minutes, stirring constantly. Pour over cake, let stand 2 hours.

The entertainment provided by the kids at Supper Club is always……entertaining!

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