Stamp Storage

Stamp Storage


I love my rubber stamp storage system.  I struggled with my stamps for years.  They are so bulky and take up so much room.  I had them stashed in several boxes but they were hard to find one to use.  So, guess what?  I hardly ever used them!  I started doing a bit of research on the best ways to store them.  There are lots of creative ways to store stamps!!  I decided the best way for me was several narrow shelves with a bit of trim on the front of each to form a lip to hold the stamps in.

The picture quality is terrible because the lighting is pretty bad in that corner.  The only wall I had available was a tiny little bit, about 4 feet wide.  And it’s wedged in beside the computer armoire, so it doesn’t get a lot of light.




stamp_storage2As I was researching stamp storage I found out that a lot of people were un-mounting their wooden stamps because they take up a LOT less room that way.  Well, turns out I had a bunch of unmounted wooden stamps as well so I had to figure out how to store them.  Also, I stopped buying wooden stamps after that (unless they were ridiculously cheap!)  I finally decided on a method.  I went with plexi-glass sheets from Lowe’s and Aleen’es Tack it Over and Over glue.  Basically you just paint the backs of the stamps with the glue and they stick to the plexi-glass sheets, just sticky enough for you to be able to pull them off and put them back on.  Here is a link to a YouTube video tutorial on how to do it.  But, it’s not hard, I promise!  The plexi-glass sheets are in hanging file folders which I hung on some magazine holders bought at Target.  These fit perfectly inside one of the fabric covered boxes, also from Target.



These are my stamps on the plexi-glass sheets.  As you can see I need to get busy with the Tack it Over and Over glue on several of them!

stamp_storage14Last type of stamps are my foam stamps.  These were all the rage several years ago.  Making Memories made a bunch of them in different fonts and then a few other sets like flowers and shapes.  I found the perfect storage system for them pretty much as soon as I bought them.  Scrapbookers were talking about these perfect sized boxes found in the Dollar Spot at Target called Document Boxes so I went to a couple different Targets to find enough.  The boxes are only about 1″ thick which works well for 2 layers of the foam stamps.  I store the document boxes in a basket.




Here is one of the sets of stamps in the open Document box.



Say what?