Scrapbook Paper Organization

Scrapbook Paper Organization

I need to create a poll somewhere on a scrapbooking forum to find out how much paper other scrapbookers have.  My family seems to think I have a lot.  I know I am a bit of a paper hoarder, I LOVE paper.  That’s why I could never go totally into digital scrapbooking – I love to feel the texture of the papers as I’m working with them.  Ok, so as I was getting my paper out of their homes (mailing boxes from the USPS, more info coming) I had it all stacked up on my table and decided to measure it just to see……..I had my family guess how many feet or inches.  I got answers ranging from 16″ to 54′.  No, the answer is somewhere in the middle, actually it’s 3 feet and 5 inches.  Cardstock is on the right, Patterned Paper is in the middle and specialty papers are on the left.











I’ve had my paper stored in mailing boxes from the USPS for years.  I know you aren’t supposed to use them for anything except mailing – but some of these are left over from way back when I owned the scrapbooking website and would ship stuff all the time.  Others are boxes that I received scrapbooking goodies in and recycled.  They are easy to make and are the perfect size to hold 12×12 paper.

The cardstock is all together in several boxes, sorted by color.  The patterned paper was a little harder to sort.  I decided to sort first by brand name since sometimes I just know a brand has a particular style I want to use for a layout.  After sorting out the brands, I still had a lot left over that were miscellaneous brands, or I had no clue which brand!  These I sorted by color if there was a dominant color or by theme (Heritage, Travel, Baby, Sports etc)

The boxes and my paper have been living in their cube cabinets for years and I have been meaning to add some pretty paper and labels to the front.  Finally, I did it.  I love the way they turned out!!

I also have quite a bit of 8.5×11 paper that I didn’t figure into the measuring!  I honestly forgot about it until I was taking the pictures of all the 12×12 paper.  The 8.5×11 cardstock is in my file cabinet and the 8.5×11 patterned paper is in binders organized by color or theme.















Finally – all scrapbookers face the dilemma of paper scraps!  Since we have already established that I am a paper hoarder you can bet I don’t throw away the bits of paper that are cut off and cast away while I am creating a layout, oh no!!  I put the small ones (anything not large enough to journal on or mat a photo) in a huge class jar and the big ones go into one of those fabric covered boxes.  I got mine at Target.  The paper scraps are divided by type and/or color.

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