Pinewood Derby – District

Our Cub Scout troop had their Pinewood Derby about a month ago. Caeden was very excited about his car. He and Todd made it look like a Wii controller – and it is awesome. However, it was not very fast. So Caeden was kind of bummed. But then they started calling out names that won in the “Looks” Category. He was sooooo thrilled to hear his name called. So, his car along with the others chosen from our troop went on to the district level. It was at the mall today and wow, it was a huge event. I don’t know how many entries they had, but it was a LOT! Caeden’s car was entered in the Looks only category, so it did not race at all. He wanted to race it – but forgot about that when they called his name for a door prize! He won a free ticket for admission to the ice skating rink in Huntsville. So, he was very excited. Lael was more interested in shopping – she kept asking to go into that store, or that one, or hey, what about that one on the upper level???? such a girl!
Here is Caeden with his car – and then one of a bunch of the cars, his is on the bottom row, 5th from the right.
caedenpinewooddrby caedencar

Say what?