CIA Man is the 2nd half of our twin set.  We joke around that he would have been content to stay in the womb a bit longer but Lael was ready to meet the world at 32 weeks gestation.  That is typical of their personalities, Caeden is definitely the more laid back of the two.  He was an awesome baby who loved his bottle and to cuddle.  When the twins were sharing a crib, they would migrate across the bed until they were cocooned together.  I do not have proof, but I believe that Caeden instigated the cuddling!   Early on, Caeden exhibited a love for all things electronic.  When he first learned to crawl he made a beeline for the plugs and started trying to stick stuff inside it.  He learned to navigate the internet, play vTech’s vSmile video game for preschoolers and Leapfrogs way early.  If it had a button it HAD to be pushed.  Once while checking out at the grocery store, my screen suddenly showed the Windows message “Shutting down system”  I couldn’t figure out what had happened until I noticed Caeden sitting down beside the machine with his finger on a shiny red button.  Even at 9 years old now, he still has a thing for electronics.  He has expanded his interests though to include soccer and baseball, focusing mostly on baseball.  He plays a serious game, when he’s on the field, it’s all about the game.  He is not one of those boys who is climbing the fence inside of the dugout, but he does have fun!  Caeden is ok with letting life run it’s course and takes each day as it comes.  As dawn comes and brings with it a day to stay at home and not have to go anywhere, it’s a good day indeed!

Say what?