Farewell Beautiful Bailey, 2001- 2013


Bailey was our beloved ‘slightly overweight’ beagle. Bailey had been with us since the year after Todd and I got married.  I saw an ad in a newspaper for a beagle puppy and we made an appointment. Todd and I played a trick on Chace – we told him we were going to some lady’s house to get some scrapbook supplies. When we arrived Bailey immediately ran up to the car, looking completely adorable. Chace had been plotting to stay in the car up to that point. Then he was begging to get out to play with the dog. We all got out and we all fell in love. Chace and Bailey had a very special bond ever since that slightly cool day at the end of June in upstate New York.

The funny thing about Bailey was that she ate anything and everything that caught her eye or nose. Most times it was food that had been left too close on the edge of the counter. But she was also known to pull off amazing feats that dogs who are carrying 20+ extra pounds should not even *think* about attempting, much less succeeding at! Here are a few examples and other funny stories:

  • Retrieve closed tupperware container from middle of dining room table covered with tablecloth without disturbing table or chairs.  Open container, eat 3 pounds of fudge.  Look guilty when Todd discovers empty container.
  • Outsmart owners who specifically bought heavy metal trash can with a lid by figuring out how to get into it.  Fairly easy really, for a dog with a brain like Bailey’s.  Place foot on foot pedal, Top opens, Lift mass of self up onto hind legs, Pillage trash can for scraps.
  • Levitate 3-4 feet into air to fetch bunch of bananas hanging from shelf in laundry room.  Eat 2 bananas, peel and all.  Leave half of one banana hanging to remind owners they need to buy more bananas.
  • Open oven door to finish off the leftovers after owner refused to share pizza the night before.
  • Wait patiently until one of 3 children leave Easter or Halloween baskets full of candy unattended then scarf it all down, wrappers and all.
  • Raid bathroom trash cans for yucky stuff and tear to shreds.
  • Eat used Q-Tips and Breathe Rite strips then yelp as they are processed out the other end.
  • Foray through Mom’s purse or kids backpacks for packs of gum.  Eat it, do not chew it, wrappers and all.
  • Sneak into bathroom, seize whatever is left on counter, chew on it until either cap comes off or teeth puncture holes in it.  Proceed to drink it if it’s mouthwash, eat it if it’s toothpaste or Tums or just chew it if it’s a toothbrush, comb or water bottle.
  • Open pantry door help self to whatever is on lower 3 shelves.
  • Defy gravity by snatching loaves of bread, cereal boxes and packs of bagels from very back of stovetop or counter where owner mistakenly thought they were safe until she returned home to clean kitchen.
  • Force owners to shell out over a hundred dollars to pay for Girl Scout cookie gluttony.
  • When visiting grandparents wake Todd to take her out, but more importantly to feed her.  Pretend to lie down to go back to sleep, then sneak into Mimi’s room to wake her to take her out, but more importantly to feed her – AGAIN!
  • Sniff out fish food container from one of the twin’s bedroom, easily pop cap off container and chug contents.  Walk around rest of the day smelling fishy.

Say what?