Oak Mountain State Park

Oak Mountain State Park

It has been years since I had been to Oak Mountain except for concerts at the Ampitheatre.  This park is a gem just south of Birmingham.  There are so many trails there that a biker or hiker would be in heaven.  Luckily that was just what we went for.  The twins got new bikes for Christmas so I thought that they would enjoy breaking them in nicely on some of those trails.  Plus there are a ton of geocaches in the park  😉  I figured the twins wouldn’t complain so much if they could take off on the trails to ride while we searched for the geocaches.  The trails were quite muddy since it rained nearly all day yesterday, but a little mud never hurt anyone!

oak_mountain11We hiked on the trails, we hiked through the woods off the trails, we walked along the road, we climbed hills, we jumped creeks, we circled the entire lake!  I wish I had a pedometer on me so that I could see how many miles we walked.  When we found the geocache titled Princess Power we realized we were in no way prepared for the cache.  It is suspended up in a tree 100+ feet off the ground!  Yes, we were definitely unprepared for this one!  Take a close look at the picture, find the 3rd big branch on the right side of the tree and look for a pink box – that’s the geocache!  The geocache requires you to sign the log to count it as a find which means that you can’t just spot it up in the tree – you have to actually get up there and sign the log!  I totally want to do it!

oak_mountain14There is a series of geocaches called For Your Inner Child hidden at Oak Mountain.  They are great geocaches – finding them really gets you in touch with your inner child!  Lael was walking across a log while we searched for one of the caches.  I happened to glance up at her and noticed the cache hanging just beside her head.  I whispered to Caeden to look and we both started laughing hysterically.  Lael was completely not amused as you can see by the expression on her face!


oak_mountain15 oak_mountain16 oak_mountain12




Say what?