Lake House Rules

Lake House Rules

I’m sure you’ve seen the ‘Rules’ pictures that are all over Pinterest recently.  There are House Rules, Marriage Rules, Play Room Rules etc.  I decided to create one for the lake house – thus Lake House Rules.  I googled the term, lake house rules, which is the first thing I do whenever I am beginning a craft project.  There were several already created by talented people, lots of them at Etsy that you could buy.  But, I wanted mine to be custom, to have little graphics, different cool fonts, and most of all – to reflect our family’s Lake House Rules.  So, here is the finished product.  I gave it to my sister for a Christmas gift.

I created the file in Photoshop then saved it to a zip drive.  I took the drive to Staples and had them print it for me on some thick vinyl paper.  Then I just went to Lowe’s and got the friendly workers there to cut a piece of plywood the size I needed.  I am leaving the hanging part to my sister.   It is pretty heavy!

If you would like to download the files I created and have them printed yourself, click here to go to the Freebies page.



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