Labeled Scrapbook Albums

Labeled Scrapbook Albums

Finally!  I’ve been meaning to complete this project forever, like thinking about it for years, and planning it for months.  I’ve actually had the supplies for at least 3 months now with all the labels printed and everything!  When I sat down to finally do it, it only took like 15 minutes.  Why in the world have I been putting that off??

For the labels I decided to go with the method I first saw on Ali Edwards blog.  I liked how clean and tidy her albums look all lined up on her shelves with their little circle tag labels.  I had a bunch of circle tags already, so I just printed the kids initials and what months or year the album contained pages from.  I used a binder clip to attach the circle tags to the albums.

Unlike Ali’s, all of my albums are different colors which is actually fine with me.  I like color!!  They are also different types of albums which I’m not all that crazy about.  I started out with Creative Memories, way back in the day when I started scrapbooking.  There are several different types of albums sprinkled in here and there until I discovered The Perfect Scrapbook Album by Colorbok.  I loved that these are top loading and a true 12×12 so no need to trim your pages after you’ve completed them.  That is soooooo annoying, I promise you!  What I didn’t love is that they are postbound.  Postbound albums don’t allow you to cram as many pages in there.  But, the main problem is that I don’t scrap in chronological order, I am all over the place.  With a postbound album, to stick a wayward layout in the timeline in the scrapbook, you have to take out all the layouts already in there and bump them all back one page – a TOTAL pain!!  My most recent favorite album is the cloth D-ring scrapbook album by American Crafts.  I love how easy it is to add pages to this album, such a breeze!  The D-rings also make it easier to flip the pages and they lay flat which is nice.  They are just easier all around to use.

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