Cub Scout Camp

Caeden has been in Cub Scout Camp all week this week. He started out on Monday not liking it much – he said that it was too hot, that he didn’t have a lot of fun, and that he didn’t know anybody in his group. The last reason was the primary one, I think. But, he continued to go each day and each day was a little happier when I picked him in the afternoon. Today was their last day and they put on a show for the parents to show us little bits of what they have been doing. Caeden’s group was chosen to show off some of the karate moves. He was quite proud that his group was chosen over several others that were much older. Luckily for us, I forgot to wash Caeden’s camp shirt last night, so he was really easy to pick out in the crowd, he was the only one wearing a white t-shirt! Also lucky for us, his group was the 2nd group to go on, so we got to leave after it and beat the traffic and get out of the heat!

Say what?