Cheer Camp Spirit Gifts

Cheer Camp Spirit Gifts

Lael’s cheerleading team is going to Cheer Camp at UA.  I think I might be more excited about it than she is!  I remember how much fun I had when I went, but of course she doesn’t want to hear about that!!  Ha!!

Anyway, I am in charge of all things decoration for the cheer team, I have a special title, but I don’t remember what it is though.  Basically, I get to dream up decorations for the cheer banquet, cheer camp and spirit gifts for the games.  Right up my alley!!

To start things off and get my brain going I went straight to Pinterest.  Check out my board I’ve started, so many creative people in this world, I tell you!

I decided on a water bottle with a vinyl initial for each girl.  Its a Survival Kit filled with silly but practical things they may or may not need to survive cheer camp.  If you would like to download the file I created you can do that here.  However, it is in DMS team colors which are teal and black.  If that is also your team colors, lucky you……if not I’m sorry!  You can always copy it in black and white then add your own colors.

Say what?