Busy Saturday

This is the first Saturday kicking off our Busy Season……..otherwise known as Baseball Season. Chace had a Intra-Squad game today, supposed to start at 10:00. Of course that did not happen, it was more like closer to 11:00. There were no umpires or anything, mostly informal, just to get the kids ready. But, the coaches kept slowing the game down by correcting the player’s actions. So annoying, but necessary I suppose. Todd had packed a bag with snacks and drinks for the kids, because we knew the concession stand wasn’t going to be open. We had only been there about 10 minutes when Lael declares that she is hungry. She starts rummaging for a snack, and then Caeden sees what she is doing, so he does the same. That kept them happy for about 15 minutes. I had packed a bag with some toys, like bouncy balls, frisbees, jump ropes etc. So, they pulled out some things from there and went back behind the bleachers to play. This was good – we could watch the game, they were happy playing – Yay! All of sudden I hear the most awful screeching sound….I whip my head around and it’s Lael, running towards me. She had gotten into an ant bed. I don’t know how she managed it, but the ants were crawling all over hands and up her arms. eeeeekkk! We manage to get them all off her and she actually only has 2 bites. whew, but she is still crying. {Note to self – add After-Bite/Burn stick to bag} The game is still dragging on…..more snacks and drinks…….Finally it is over – and the coach gathers all the boys in the middle of the infield for a chat. What?!?!? Didn’t he handle all of that during the game, as they made the mistakes he was now going over???? He kept them there for nearly another 1/2 hour. Grrrrrr!

Caeden and Todd had to go to the Pinewood Derby. The weigh-in was from 12-2, with the races starting at 2:30. By the time we got home it was about 1:30, so Todd and Caeden cram some lunch down their throats and head off to Asbury. They arrive in plenty of time, thank goodness and get the car weighed. Everything is good, Caeden is proud of his car. They designed it to look like a Wii remote, and it actually looks remarkably close, just a bit bigger. They start the races, and the car is not the fastest. That is ok though because it was chosen to move on to the District Level because of the design! Caeden was so excited – he gets to go to the mall on March 7th for the next level. So cool!!!

Say what?