Jewelry Organization

Jewelry Organization

I have a beautiful jewelry box my MIL gave me for Christmas several years ago, but it’s just not quite big enough to hold all my {non-expensive} lovely jewelry.  Please know that if you are a potential robber none of my stuff is worth your time – it’s all costume jewelry!!  Anyway, I saw a great idea a while ago to use those cheap-o plastic hooks on your closet walls to hold necklaces, so I did that – but I don’t have enough available wall space in my closet to hold all my necklaces.  So, I started scouring the web for ideas for jewelry organization.  I found lots of ideas on Pinterest, you can see all the ideas I collected by checking out my Accessorize Pinterest Board.

I ended up using an old set of shutters that my Mom and Dad took out of a house they had a long time ago.  I grabbed them when they said they didn’t want them, and have had them sitting around ever since.  Finally, inspiration struck!!  I bought some nifty picture holders at Wal-Mart and nailed them at regular intervals on the shutters.  A perfect necklace holder!

You can also see more necklaces on a black rack thingy I got at the thrift store.  I’m not sure if it is supposed to be a jewelry holder or a cup holder or what.  But, it does work work to hold necklaces.  I just wish it had more hook arm places.  I’ve had to double up on all of them even triple hang on some and sometimes it’s a pain to get to the necklace I want.  You can also see some other jewelry holders I am using in this picture.



I also love the red metal dress form thing I found at TJ Maxx for my earrings.  It holds a LOT of earrings, and I love that they are there waiting, like eye candy for me to choose from rather than jumbled in a jewelry box drawer.

Last bit of jewelry I needed to organize was my bracelets.  I honestly didn’t realize that I had so many until I got them all together in one place!  I saw a great project on Pinterest where someone had used glass soda bottles to corral the bracelets and had them sitting in an old milk crate or something hanging on the wall.  Totally cute!  But, seeing as how I don’t have an old milk crate, nor do I have available wall space, that wasn’t going to work.  I needed to make them cute in another way……..Enter Spray Paint!  I gathered four bottles, took them outside and went to town painting them different colors to coordinate with my bedding.  If you look closely at them, you can see the labels showing through the paint, kinda cool!


Say what?