leftbrain-rightbrainMy name is Lisa.  This is my website where I share a little bit of everything.  I am a creative person at heart and let my creativity loose in a variety of ways.  I take photographs of all sorts of things, mainly my children – but do manage to sneak in some scenery or everyday life shots as well.  I use these photographs in another passion of mine – scrapbooking!   I have been addicted to this hobby since 1995.  I’ve seen the scrapbooking world morph and grow drastically since I started.  I am thrilled with each new debut of different lines of paper, or new embellishments, or new trends.  Scrapbooking is my hobby, my creative outlet, my escape, my refuge and my passion.  I love it.  It allows me to be creative while at the same time preserving my family’s story for our future generations. That is how I justify buying all the scrapping supplies, anyway!

I also enjoy other crafty ventures.  My favorite way to craft is to find some old, unloved treasure at the thrift store and transform it into something magnificent!  I spend an inordinate amount of time pinning recipes and home decor ideas on Pinterest as well!  If I made half of the stuff I’ve pinned, my house would be the most beautiful on the block and my family the most well-fed!

Ahhhhh, such is life…….


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